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LIVE Virtual Workshop

Scale Your Signature Program With Your Perfect Premium Clients - on evergreen!

Thursday, April 18 @ 2pm ET

($997 Value)

In This Interactive Live Zoom Call You Will

Map your step-by-step roadmap to grow your business in 2024

install the 3 pillars that will instantly attract your ideal premium clients in 2024

  • CONNECT and RESONATE with your perfect people in a whole NEW way that clearly positions you as a "Category Of One" and the Go-To-Authority in your market.

  • AMPLIFY your unique genius with clear messaging - powered by Humanized A.I. - that has your ideal buyers highly engaged, pre-sold and ASKING to join your program.

  • TRANSFORM the lives of your clients to create lasting impact that compounds into a constant flow of referrals that scale your impact & income even further.

together, we'll create...

Session #1

what's changing in 2024 - it's massive!

You'll discover...

  • How EVERYTHING is chaning fast and how to stay ahead using the NEURO-Magnetic® Messaging that will make your Signature Program feel highly valued and genuinely desired by your perfect clients.

  • How to dominate your market in 2024 with a Signature Method® that builds unstoppable confidence and clearly positions YOUR offer as premium to get instant hand raises - and sign ups - at "Hello!"

  • The Humanized way to leverage the power of A.I. to save you time while positioning your premium program as the obvious best choice for your ideal clients so you have them buying right away!

Session #2

Your signature message®

You'll dial in...

  • How to position your unique genius so you become a category of "ONE".

  • Your Audience Amplifiers™ - All 3 of them - and how to avoid the one big mistake that most coaches are making - without even realizing it!

  • The 3 Neuro Belief Switches you must activate in your buyer's brain to have them Pre-Sold and get sales flowing in seamlessly.

  • How to stand out in a sea of noise with your Signature Process™.

Session #3

YOUR 2024 Strategic Growth Plan

You'll plan out your 2024 growth plan so you can...

  • Clearly idenfity the blindspots, detours and roadblocks that have been keeping you stuck and distracted so you can scale up quickly.

  • Know exactly what gaps to fill in and how to activate the engines that will drive your business forward.

  • Your clear next steps to fill in any gaps so you can move forward confidenly with an action plan for your Signature Success.

bonus session

Complete the first 3 sessions to unlock access to

our brand NEW "Behind the Scenes" training:

the 9 pillars of your amplified roadMAP™

  • The 9 NEW Activations in the brain that your content must trigger to have your perfect clients buying from you again and again!

  • How to package your genius & expertise to create impact with purpose and personal freedom.

Karen Smith

Founder, Signature Success®


The fact is… heart centered coaches and their messages are needed now more than ever!

But yet, most are feeling burned out from bad advice and other programs with big promises that sadly don’t deliver.

This is hurtful to everyone because when changemakers get frustrated or stop believing in themselves, the people who need your help don’t get served.

Lives remain unchanged.

And that's wrong, but what's worse...

We see people being charged tens of thousands of dollars to simply come up with what we are giving you in this workshop - for FREE!

I've been an entrepreneur since 16 running live workshops, created multiple 7 figure brands, and now my passion is helping coaches just like YOU make your impact!

I know I can help you:

  • Get your Signature Message crystal clear, dialed in & aligned with who it’s for.

  • How to apply cutting edge brain science into a holistic messaging system so you stand out as a category of 1 to your premium clients.

  • Feel confident & empowered everyday with your new messaging that matters to premium minded clients.

We know that you'll get so much value that you'll want to join us (when you're ready) so we can take your business to the next step and help you profit with purpose.

So, come join me in the FREE workshop - and let's co-create your impact together!

Karen Smith

Founder, Signature Success®

what you're getting

  • 3 Part Video Mini Couse to help you get the best results from the live workshop.

  • The entire 45-page workbook packed with INSANE VALUE with all the frameworks, templates & tools.

  • All LIVE Zoom sessions during this interactive 1/2 day training.

  • BONUS SESSION - Attend sessions 1 - 3 to unlock this bonus session where you will map out your AMPLIFIFED Roadmap™ strategy to scale your Signature Program.

  • This is a LIVE INTERACTIVE EVENT to deliver massive results in real-time.



Create Messaging That Instantly magnetizes Your Perfect Clients

3 part Video Course

Learn the secrets to creating your Signature Offer™ so that it lights up the 3 "YES!" Triggers in your perfect client's brain.

How to create a Signature Message™ that instantly resonates and connects the hearts & minds of your perfect clients.

Discover how to use a Micro Resonance Roadmap™ to post with purpose in a process that flows easily to your offer.



the signature program success series™

Discover The Secrets Of The Signature Program Success Formula

How To Immediately Attract Your Ideal Premium Clients

Create Monthly Recurring Revenue As You Scale Your Signature Program


"I sold $10k in just 2 days!"

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